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This is the god awful self-insert RPG Maker game I created back in 2015, I hate this so much. It's broken and uses stolen music and preset maps in the RPG Maker software. This was also made back when I had zero idea what variables were.

Enjoy this god awful thing.

There was meant to be 2 endings for this game, but it ended up being broken and always going to one ending, sorry about that

Made it so that you can check out the files of the game, I haven't changed anything in the game files since its last update in early 2016.

Songs used:

Smash Mouth - All Star (this is used too much so sorry)

Super Minecraft Kid - FNAF Cover

Skrillex - Bangarang (HUM3N Remix)

Songs used but not heard in-game:

The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat

Skrillex - Bangarang

Original desc from Gamejolt:

You are an Investigator finding out what the noise is coming from the mountain in the lake!


TempleOfShrek.exe 118 MB


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this. this is something. i don't want to call it an experiance because i never wanted to experiance anything i felt because of this. within thirty minutes i have gone from laughing to sobbing and screaming on my bathroom floor because if i hear All Star one more time i am going to finally commit to something. i've been genuinly crying over this. i've lost 20 years off of my life from this. holy shit this makes me so anxious and sad and i cannot express how disoriented i feel. 

is this a work of art? a type of torture? i have no idea, i cant even beat xxxmlgshrekscopexxx. 

despite how much i hate this, i am glad i played it. because now i know what rock bottom really feels like. i will never again feel worse than i have now because there is nothing in this world that can ever replicate these feelings.

i'm going to try and beat xxxmlgshreksopexxx or whatever his name is now. i need to have some form of gratification for hearing All Star's opening 5 sentances atleast 276 times. thank you for this experiance and i truly hope your life has improved since 2015